Yes Class Math Program

The YES Class Math Curriculum comprehensively covers all mathematical concepts that your child will need to know from basic number counting to advanced trigonometry. Our program consists of two parts:

Mechanical mathematics and Critical thinking mathematics.

Part 1: Basic Math

Our program is structured to reflect the public school curriculum so your child will integrate what he or she has learned at YES Class into math class at school. On the first day of the YES Class math program, students take a diagnostic test that analyzes where they stand in our math program.

There are 13 different levels (Levels L1-L13), with over 40 booklets each for a total of 520 booklets.

Part 2: Concept Math

Our program has been formulated to foster independent and critical thinking skills. At YES Class, we help develop critical thinking skills through our interactive worksheets specifically designed to foster special reasoning, mental imaging and visualizing skills.

The Yes Class Concepy Math program consists of lesson booklets each 6 to 8 pages long.
The leasson workbooks contain:
-2 lesson pages
-2 to 3 practice pages
-A quiz page
-A homework page

There are 20 different levels (Levels A-T), with over 40 booklets each for a total of 789 booklets.

In conclusion, the YES Class mathematics program is a comprehensive course that will satisfy your child’s short term and long term math goals.

Part 3: Topic Math

Sometimes, your child may be need help in a certain area. The topic math curriculum is ordered in terms of math concepts. For example, if your child is proficient at fractions but needs help with division, the Topic Math curriculum can provide books specifically tailored to help with division.
-There are 42 different topics
-There are a total of 1307 booklets

Yes Class English Program

An early interest for reading is key to future success in the language arts.
That is why the YES Class English curriculum emphasizes reading skill development.
In our English classes, students develop phonics, advanced comprehension ability and an early interest for books.

The YES Class English program comprehensively covers English skills your child needs to know from Kindergarden to 12th grade.
All of our online books are accessible online in addition to discussion cards, comprehension questions, word puzzles, vocabulary worksheet and a quiz that come with every book.
Our online reading books are divided into 28 different levels. As the levels progress, the supplementary materials become more difficult.
Our flash-based online books allow students to record themselves reading the words. Students can also choose to have the computer read the words aloud while they follow along.
The stories for younger students are accompanied with sound and visual effects that make reading a more enjoyable and enriching experience.
Why all this effort to make our material more interesting and fun?
We believe that kindling an interest for reading at a young age will increase phonics skills, vocabulary and comprehension skills all at the same time. The YES Class English program seamlessly integrates online reading books with printed booklets. These booklets range from comprehension questions to vocabulary to word puzzles. There booklets were all formulated to provide a strong foundation for grammar, vocabulary, and phonics.

In reading workbook, we are focus on critical reading, in other words, checking if the student understand the contents.

In writing workbook, our students are encouraged to write their own thinking in words, then our qualified teacher help to correct the errors in the sentences.

Test Prep Program

This program cover the PSAT, SAT and SAT subject tests.

These tests require special preparations even if the test taker has good grades at school. Big fish in a little pond need to understand how small the pond is and how big the ocean is.

We offer the weekly sessions for test takers.